BB Glow makeup

The BB Glow makeup that is done permanently is a semi-permanent clear up means that started in South Korea and it became famous all over the world because of its good power to give radiant, even-toned skin. The treatment basically is done with micro-needling the skin with a colored serum, but it can be discovered by beginners as a foundation-like effect which can be used to maintain the treatment for a few months. In this context we are going to talk about BB Glow, the main features, its benefits, procedure and all the parameters of the treatment.

Benefits of BB Glow

Even Skin Tone: BB Glow, by stimulating the skin’s turnover, reduces excessive amounts of pigment including redness and dark spots leading to a better look.

Radiant Complexion: This method is completely natural as the skin radiates out the natural glow through the treatment that reduces the use of a daily foundation.

Hydration and Nutrients: The serums used in BB Glow are often loaded with minerals, vitamins, and other essential ingredients that keep the skin elastic and beautiful.

Minimized Pores and Fine Lines: The process of microneedling helps to increase the production of collagen, which in turn decreases the size of the pores and helps in minimizing wrinkles.

The Procedure

Preparation: The skin is cleansed with the help of special tools and then it is exfoliated to make it free from any waste products and dead cells. However, the action includes better infiltration of the serum which is a necessity of this step.

Application of Serum: A colored serum which has the light color the same as the complexion of the client is applied on the skin.

Microneedling: The device of microneedling is used with the needle entering into the skin so subcutaneously. These devices emit ultrafine pores which let the serum flow strongly and penetrate the cells faster.

Post-Treatment Care: A calming mask or a moisturizer is put on the skin to tranquilize and complete the treatment processes. Nonetheless, the clients are advised to refrain from direct sunlight and the usage of heavy makeup for a post-treatment period lasting at least a few days.


Skin Type and Condition: Not all skin types may be perfect for BB Glow. People with bruises, skin infections, or skin problems must comply with a dermatologist’s advice before starting the treatment.

Maintenance: To keep the results, it is a good idea to have follow-up sessions three or four times in a year. The duration of the outcome can be different in one person of another person depending on skin characteristics and lifestyles.

Safety and Expertise: It is extremely important to pick certified and experienced talent to perform the service. The only way to prevent from any side effects, such as infection or uneven pigmentation, proper hygiene and technique should be practiced.

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