Ombre Permanent Brows

Ombre powder brows are permanent eyebrows, obtained from a semi-permanent eyebrow has a machine that inserts color under the skin. Instead of traditional tattooing of the eyebrow, a solid and thick line is drawn, and it is known in the middle, where the hair is thin. In this area, the soft, powder-like finish of the eyebrow is created which is very similar to the effect of makeup on filled-in brows. As a result, this creates a completely natural and subtle transition of hues from a lighter color at the beginning of the brow to a darker one towards the tail.

Advantages of Ombre Permanent Brows

Ombre permanent brows are known to have several advantages, drawing the attention and favor of beauticians; these factors are among them:

Lasting Results: Ombre brows that can last for up to 1-3 years if they are properly taken care of are much better and cheaper than the usual brows that are filled with make-up every morning, which are often time-consuming and require special care.

Natural Look: The blending tonality of the eyebrow makes your face appear natural by enhancing the facial features but without making them look too artificial or garish.

Customization: The treatment is not fixed-rather, it allows you to go wild with the shape, color, and intensity of the ombre fabulous look that best suits your style.

Are you burdened by the hassle of filling in your brows every day? Well, ombre brows do the trick for you and give you ladies some ideal brow shapes right from your wake-up point.

Self-Assurance: Perfect eyebrows are a frame for your face and an enhancer of your image as defined eyebrows are the main tool for achieving it. This also helps in bettering your face impression.


To get the best results, it is important to practice good after-care when you have your ombre brows permanently done. 

Here are some tips to follow:

Avoid Getting Them Wet: Keep your brows completely dry at least a week after the procedure. This means you have to skip swimming, saunas, and the excessive workout that comes with excessive sweating.

No Picking or Scratching: Your healing brows may get scabbed or start to peel. Be respectful and do not scratch or pick the dry flakes, as the healing process will be disturbed and the color may not be retained evenly.

Moisturize: Use the official healing drug to keep your skin hydrated and also help you with the healing process.

Avoid Makeup and Skincare Products: Allow the area to heal by keeping it free from makeup and skin care products to avoid any potential irritation or infection that they could cause.

Take note of Follow Up Appointment: Go to all the touch-up appointments that the doctor may have booked to bring the color and form of your eyebrows in tune with your facial lines.

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