FUE Hair Transplant?

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplants involve taking individual hair follicles out of your skin and implanting them elsewhere, usually on the head. The result is a hairline that looks thicker and fuller. This type of hair transplant was developed to replace traditional follicular unit transplantation (FUT) techniques, which involve removing a piece of skin or scalp and grafting it elsewhere. FUE has become more popular and widely practiced than FUT because follicular unit extraction can result in a fuller, more natural-looking hairline. FUE often results in transplanted areas of hair that do not perfectly match the hair in the surrounding area. In addition, scarring is unlikely with FUE hair transplants.

Our hair transplant procedure

Hair transplant procedures offered in Moti Nagar, Delhi work wonders for everyone irrespective of gender and age. A hair transplant is a procedure in which a dermatologist moves hair grafts to a bald area of the head. The surgeon usually moves hair from the back or side of the head to the front or top of the head. The steps of a hair transplantation procedure include

  • removing small punch grafts from the hair-bearing scalp known as a donor area and cutting this into smaller pieces to use as grafts.
  • These extracted hair grafts are then relocating to a bald or thinning area of the scalp.
  •  Hair transplant is the process that is same for both men and women , that is follicular units are extracted from the scalp or the donor area, and these units are carefully implanted into the area where there is thinning or balding through a surgical procedure.
  • The hair grafts created in this manner differ in size and shape.

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